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3 Ply Full Ultrasonic Surgical Mask TYPE II-R

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ENM - 313 Code

Intended to be worn by medical personel, patients and people to protect from transfer of microorganisms, body fluid and particulate material transfer.Type II-R Face masks include a splash resistant layer to protect against blood and other bodily fluids. Type IIR face masks are tested in the direction of exhalation (inside to outside) and take into account the efficiency of bacterial filtration.

The products are for single use only
Latex Free
Fiberglass free
Fluid Resistant
Three Ply construction
3 pleats of folds to allow the user to expand the mask so it covers the area from the nose to the chin.
Mask allows itself to be secured with an ear loop when placed behind the ears.
Reduces exposure to blood and body fluids
Minimizes Doctor and patient contamination to exhaled microorganisms.

Unopened package can be used for 5 years from the date of manufacture.
Store in a dry and cool place, away from intense sources of heat.

Do not use the product other than its intended use.
Never use wet and moist products.
The products are for single use only.
Do not use it again when you remove it.
It is personal. Never use someone else's mask.
Our products have been tested. However, We recommend it not to be used on sensitive skin and if allergic to any materials used.

A surgical mask is intended to prevent the release of potential contaminants from the user into their immediate environment which can also protect the wearer from large droplets, sprays and splashes of bodily fluids. It is easily identifiable by the presence of two ear loops to secure the mask to the face for quick donning. Procedure masks are used on hospital floors, isolation units, and labor and delivery units, among other areas of the hospital for generally to prevent clinicians, patients and visitors from spreading germs by talking, coughing, or sneezing. These masks may also be used in the emergency department and the intensive care unit. However, beware that some specifications are non-sterile and designed for clean environments which not suitable for use in the operating room.

Our disposable surgical face masks contain 3 layers: a mix of non-woven fabric and a middle melt-blown material that acts as a filter and have a >99% particle filtration efficiency (PFE). They provide physical barrier that protects both wearers and others from the transfer of respiratory secretions, fluids or other debris and avoid the contamination of bacteria or viruses present in mucus and saliva.

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