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89/154 Kv Xlpe Insulated, Radial And Longitudinally Sealed, Single Core Cables With Copper Conductor

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VDE 0276-632 - IEC 60840 TEST STANDARTS

Technical Data
Max. operating temperature : 90°C
Max. short circuit temperature : 250°C (max. 5 sn.)
Rated voltage : 64/110
Min. bending radius : 20 x D
D : Cable outer diameter


These are cables with low dielectric losses used in energy networks with sudden load changes. Laid in residential or industrial areas, underground or in ducts. If the cable gets water inside due to the mechanical demages, swellable tapes prevent the movement of the water inside the cable.


1. Stranded copper conductor.
2. Inner semi-conductive layer.
3. XLPE insulation.
4. Outer semi-conductive layer.
5. Semi-conductive swelible tape.
6. Copper wire screen.
7. Swelible tape.
8. Aluminium tape.
9. PE outer jacket

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