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AC Motor Speed Control and AC Motor Test System

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Test results of the changes of software and hardware systems in MEDEL inverters
Performance of different brand and different types motors

Through testing system ;
Correctness, linearity and response times of torque and cycle value after the changes at software and hardware systems in MEDEL inverters
Continuous and instantaneous values of temperature on inverter and motor
Values of motor effiency and power factor are measured and stored by visualization.

Technical Properties :
Measurement of torque, cycle, current, voltage, power factor, mechanical power, slip and temperature values
Range of current measurement: 0 – 500A±%0.5
Range of torque measurement: 0 – 1000Nm±%0.5 (max. 2500Nm)
Range of cycle measurement: 0 – 4800 rpm±%0.05
Range of temperature measurement: from 7 different points between -50 ºC and +150 ºC±%0.5
Communication: RS 485 – Modbus (option : profibus)
Measurement and record during 24 hours

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