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ATHLON FP Athletic Systems Sport Flooring

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ATHLON FP System is an impermeable outdoor track system, in a total thickness of 15mm, specially designed for excellent resilience, energy restitution and shock absorption for professional athletic competitions. Athlon FP is installed in a multi- layered application featuring 3 specialized layers:

a self-levelling fluid two-component polyurethane and recycled rubber / colored EPDM; an engineered central force reduction self-levelling two-component polyurethane foam layer; a flexible high-performance self-levelling two-component polyurethane layer, embedded with colored EPDM granules.

The system strictly adheres to the IAAF’s technical requirements.

Athlon Athletic Systems are developed by HATKO engineers to provide the requirements of the Athletes and Facility Owners.

The High Quality Polyurethane used in the ATHLON Systems guarantee the highest durability and the best performance even under the world’s most severe climatic conditions.

Meets IAAF standards
Outstanding mechanical strength
Spike resistant
Excellent force reduction and energy restitution
High resistance to all weather conditions
Flexible & seamless
Low maintenance
Recyclable system
UV-stable colors
5.000 hours UVA & UVB Resistancy

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