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Aerial Fiber Optic Cable F/O

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Number of fibers
2 - 216 fibers.

Number of Loose Tube
Cable can be produced with different loose tube count depending on number of fiber. HES KABLO defines number of loose tube according to customer requirement or cable construction. Maximum 12 fibers can be placed in a loose tube.

This type of fibre optic cable is use for local and long distance telecommunication networks without anti-ballistic protection.

Number of Loose Tube
Loose tubes and fillers (if any) are stranded around the FRP or steel central strength member. Cable core can be covered by aramid or glass yarn or aluminium foil as moisture barrier depending on the customer request and sheathed with MDPE or HDPE.

Fibers Used
ITU-T G652, G 652C , G653 , G655 SM fiber; 62.5/125 and 50/125 μm MM fiber.

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