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Isbir produces alternators equipped with mechanisms that you can trust, step in automatically against faults and provide safety. Its continuous usage is provided with;

Components designed confidentially
Strong design
Shock and vibration resistance
Strong quality control
Voltage regulatory systems for high short circuit currents
High endurance with isolation against environmental effects.

Isbir becomes the solution partner by designing alternators special for customer demands with its qualified experts. With computer aided design and engineering programs, in both technical and large variations it provides flexible design and applications.


Isbir alternators are designed to ”work” and low operational cost effective. For the purpose of fault protection, they are equipped with several protective and follower equipments. Isbir alternators are designed as strong, low maintenance cost effective and most of them are designed to work continuously.


As a result of the long and intense R&D studies of Isbir, alternators have a compact-ergonomic structure. With this special design it provides space saving and within this practice it means

Easier assembly
Less components
Lower investment cost

Another advantage of Isbir Synchronized Alternators is very low environmental effect.

Noise Suppression : Conformity to whole standards including military (MIL) standards

Silent working and low noise emission : In high sensitivity, it is provided with production and correct balance.


Isbir produces alternators with very low error rate by developing its production technology with its engineering knowledge in production. Customer complaints met in the produced alternators is the proof of the management and production quality near 6 Sigma.

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