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Aluminium Composite Panel

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Aluminium composite panels are among the goods which can be described indispensable for architectural. Thanks to Burakbond, you can have access to high performance products which has inquired colours and high mechanical properties. Our aim to offer high quality solutions with reliable service.

GUARENTEE: alu-line/BURAKBOND, is processed with PVDF paint technique which is reinforced by KYNAR® 500, provides guarentee 20 years for paint and 15 years for material. PANEL DIMENSIONS: : Standard dimensions: 4mm x 1250mm x 3200mm / 4mm x 1500mm x 3200mm, Beside the standard dimensions, it can be produced in wall thicknesses as 2-3-5-6 mm and intended length for special orders. CHARACTERISTIC FEATURES: It has high rigidity and durabiliy features. * It provides high performance strenght against outdoor weather conditions and UV rays. * It has streght between 50 °C /85 °C heat conditions. * Provides good command of acidic and basic strenght performance against hard external environmental conditions. * Have the feature of smooth, flat and bright surface. * Have the features of easily processability. * Provides acoustic insulation and vibartion damp features. * With the features insulation and non-flammeable, can be seperated from the other composite panels. Has an high impact resistance.
Alu-line/BURAKBOND, can be cut by vertical panel saw, circular saw or machined fret saw. Recomended thickness of sawtooth 2-4 mm. Folding
alu-line/BURAKBOND, can be bended by rolling bender machines. To protect surface polish of panel while bending, need to be used polished cylenders that has no notch or any other defects on it.
alu-line/BURAKBOND, can be drilled with common machines which for metals normally Aluminium and with high-speed spiral steel drills which is used for plastic.. Screwing
Must to be used conventional wooden plate screw or machine screw which is maden by stainless steel. Pay regard to thermal dilatation and possible structure movements for exterior applications.
Exterior Surface Shearing
alu-line/BURAKBOND, can be sheared by shaping machine, water-jet cutting machine, duplicator milling and machined fret saw for formalising.. Clenching
Applicable with using solid or blind rivets in conventional clenching tool. Pay regard to thermal dilatation and possible structure movements for exterior applications.
Possible with bending and doubling machine or bending press. Required radius is minimum : r=10 x t (panel thickness).Need to be used cushion strip to protect surface polish of panel while bending. Clamping
Can be clamped with sinuous corner jointer, flat reflection pieces or special Aluminium tools.
aalu-line/BURAKBOND, can be punched with conventional metal panel punching machine and manual punchers. Must to be used sharpened tools on maximum cutting gauge for clean punches. Punching causes a bit deflection on application surface. Welding
alu-line/BURAKBOND's,can be hot welded to the plastic layer by using hot weld machine and plastic filling stick. Hot welding only be applied for decorative purpose. It’s not suitable for joining which is required structural strenght
Sawing can be applied by guillotine system. To prevent surface damage, cushion strips need to be used between bottom holders and alu-linebond/BURAKBOND's surface and adjust minimum holding pressure. Point support shall not be used for damaging the surface. Sawing causes a bit bevel on the effected part of sawed edge. Sticking
For exterior usage and structural applications:
Sticking integration components
Double-sided VHB tapes – For interior applications
Metal adhesive :
Metal yapıştırıcısı
. Double-sided VHB tapes and pastes do not stick to plastic layer. It must be applied only to surface Aluminium covered.

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