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Aluminium Melting / Holding Furnace - Aluminium Cast House

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Sistem Teknik AMF & AHF series Aluminum Melting & Holding Furnaces are desgined & manufactured according to customer needs & special requirments (custom-designed).

Sistem Teknik can supply both stationary & tilting type of Melting & Holding Furnaces with the capacity range of 10 tons to 120 tons molten aluminum.

Single Chamber design & Multi Chamber design is also available according to the customer requirments. With multi chamber design Sistem Teknik can offer less metal lost, less consumtion & also echological melting solutions for the customers.

In order to handle very tough casthouse conditions furnaces are made of very heavy & robust construction.

Sistem Teknik has very special door design to avoid undesired deformations of the door.

Sistem Teknik offers EMS (Electro Magnetic Stirrer), EMP (Electro Magnetic Pump) , Mechanical Pump systems as option for alloy mixing, metal transfer & pre degassing operations.

With Sistem Teknik state of art heating systems with regenerative, cold air & combination of Gas/Air + O2 alternatives are available with very low energy consumtions and very low emmissions.

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