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Artistic Shining Paint (Luminescent Color) - Water Based Special Products

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Acrylic copolymer based paint of matte shade with transparent property shining in darkness.

Bianca Luminescent Color provides, formidable aid during the evacuation of people in case of fire, earthquake, power-cut, or any other emergency, when used to paint direction marks and warning signs within the building. Its lightening ability permits people to leave the building securely. Besides, this product can be used for decorative purpose. For instance you can draw various figures on the walls or stars on the ceiling of your bed room and sleep calm watching the picture. You can can draw interesting pictures and tables, or or print various figures on your T-shirt and walk lightening in the darkness.

• Luminescent Color when in darkness releases the light accumulated before. The effect lasts for a period of 2 – 24 hours.
• The light accumulation ability is preserved during 10 years period.