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Automatic Surface Bonding Line

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Cover fixing and bonding
Hot melt adhesive application
Spraying type application
Ease of use and very low maintenance
Integratable in the production line

Technical Features

Control: Motion controller, frequency control
and touch screen contol panel
Operation mode: straight or bead
Holt-Melt gluing tank: Standard Unit 18 Liter. Robatech
Output capacity: 1,5 min / mattess
Unit height: Mİn 10 cm / Max. 35 cm
Unit size: Max. 210 x 220 cm
Power: Max. 380 V 3 phase 50 hertz 20 Kw
Air pressure: 6 Bar
Weight: 3621 kg
Total area reguired: 12500 x 3480 mm