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Basket Mill Wet Grinding and Dispersion Machine

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This product is in widespread use in any field which requires the grinding and crushing of low-viscous and/or semi-viscous products, especially paint, varnish, pigment paste, ink and miscellaneous cosmetic materials. The machine performs dispersion and crushing together. The grinding beads placed in the grinding basket of the machine have a major role in this process. The simultaneous execution of dispersion and crushing reduces the cost as well as the time involved.

The grinding basket, with its premium grinding ability, has been designed for the sole and express purpose of crushing the product with a high level of yield. This high-yield product is capable of performing the given task effectively and in a short period of time thanks to its propeller located underneath the grinding basket. This propeller, functioning also as a pump, facilitates dispersion. Effective heat management is possible thanks to dual coolers located in the grinding basket and the boiler wall. All wet surfaces have been manufactured out of stainless steel.

It has the feature of lifting and lowering on its own body with an electro-hydraulic system.

A pincer system is available on the body so as to fix the mixing boiler. The main electricity engine which allows longer periods of operations in low revs also has a cooling engine. It also has a time adjusted operating feature as a standard.

Ex-proof, vacuum, semi or full automatic prescription control system, PLS control system is provided as extra features in line with ATEX Zone 1 EEx dIIB T4 standards.

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