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Boiling Oil Unit

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During all kinds of production, in cases where additional heat is to be provided to the environment, these dual jacket mixer boilers especially in mixer applications of the chemical industry, the heat is widely used to circulate the transfer oil.

By means of the compact structure of the boiling oil unit, the oil can be heated to the requested temperatures and it can be circulated by a pump by means of a single unit which is a convenient and solution based creation.

Within the boiling oil part in contains, the oil is heated to the requested temperature by means of the resistances. The thermostat among the unit maintains stable temperature. The heated oil by means of the boiling oil pump is pressurized and pumped to the required area and the circulation is provided. The standard pump capacity is 0,75 m³/hour and it is driven by 0,75 kW electrical motor.

ATEX Zone 1 EEx dIIB T4 standard, ex-proof, PLS control system and boiling oil pump capacity being created based on request are offered as optional features.

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