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Box Closing Unit

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They are widely used in the areas where there is a process of filling the products into the capped containers, and then closing the caps. It can be used widely in chemical industry productions so as to close the caps of boxes of various sizes especially in paint production industry.

Box cap closing unit was designed to close the caps of plastic and tin boxes. By means of its adjustable features, it allows operation with boxes of various sizes. The unit which operates on pneumatic driven basis needs 6 Bars of pressurized air.

Based on the dimensions of the boxes, there is an adjustment mechanism which provides the up-down movement of the closing cylinder group. Also it is equipped with a braking system which stabilizes the closing cylinder group at the desired elevation. It is possible to adjust the air with the air adjuster it is equipped with. The system is operated by foot pedal and moves up and down by a closing table and closes the cap. When the foot brake is released, the table moves up again and the unit is ready then.

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