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Category 5e Ftp 100 Ohm Horızontal Lan Cable

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DataLink 100e cable series consist of 100 ohm impedance, 4 and 8 pair UTP cables for horizontal installations in local areas Networks (LANs). All cables fully conform to and provide a substantial margin above all Category 5e requirements of TIA/EIA 568--B.2 and IEC-61156-6 requirement.

DataLink 100e UTP horizontal cables support all presently available LAN applications including the following protocols.

• 1000BASE-TX • Gigabit Ethernet
• ATM 155 • Token Ring 100 Mbps
• ATM 25 • ISDN Basic and first access
• 100BASE-T2 • 100BASE-T Fast Ethernet
• 100BASE-T4 • ITU V.21 and X.11
• 100BASE-TX • Broadband&Baseband video
• ATM 52 • 10BASE-T Ethernet

Qualifications and Approvals
DataLink 100e cables are tested and verified for full compliance with the following standards

• Category 5e according to ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B.2
• Category 5e according to IEC-61156-6
• 100 Mhz according to CENELEC EN 50288-2
• Category 5e according to ICEA S-90-661-1997

Physical & Mechanical Properties
4 color-coded, unshielded twisted pairs cabled together and jacketed. Siamese (Fig-8) cables are made of two identical 4 pair cables connected in a zip-cord formation, one cable identified with a longitudinal rib.

Basic wires : Solid, 24 AWG, 0,5mm. Bare annealed copper
Insulation : Polyolefin
Total number of twisted pairs : 4
Overall tape wrap : Polyester tape, 100% coverage
Overall shield : Laminated Aluminium foil
Drain wire : 26 AWG solid tin-coated copper conductor
Outer jacket : LSOH HFFR or PVC compound,light gray (RAL 7035)
Pulling force : 50 N/mm2 max.
Temperature operating range : -20 to + 60°C
Flame test : UL 1581 VW-1 and IEC 332-1
Halogen content : Null.
in LS0H cables

Benefits and Features

• Exceptional material properties provide a unique Century™ Life time Warranty.
• High ACR values-providing low BER (Bit-Error-Rate) in all application.
• Extremely high pair-balance-providing excellent EMC (Electro magnetic compatibility), minimizing radiation and maximizing noise immunity.
• Revolutionary pair lay scheme-providing an extremely low delay skew.
• Smooth and rigid jacket-providing fast and easy cable pulling and installation.
• A comprehensive product range
• Unique DoubleSafe™ Quality Assurance Program.
• Co-extruded crisp and clear color coding of wires
• Descending sequential meter mark
• Batch number printed every meter
• Large variety of packaging options

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