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Cotta Facade Coating Systems

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ALUTECH COTTA is a new facade coating product that is capable of creating aesthetics and difference in architecture. The panels are mounted to the vertical profiles situated on the aluminium sub-construction with the help of screws. As 10 mm joint profile is used for the vertical pointing, facade integrity is ensured. For the horizontal pointing, on the other hand, 10 mm joint spaces situated between the panels allow the creation of a natural air circulation behind the facade. It is very lights in comparison with similar systems and has such advantages as workmanship, ease of mounting and product cost. It protects the facade of the building against external weather conditions and provides a significant energy saving thanks to its way of implementation allowing heat insulation. Having the advantage of being such an aluminium that can be produced in various forms and dimensions, ALUTECH COTTA can be painted with all kinds of colours and floored at any dimension in comparison with stone. It can also be floored horizontally or vertically, with or without pointing or in a flat or oval form.

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