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Diesel Generators

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• A design featuring a fuel tank with a capacity of 8 hours
• Lifting handles convenient for military/civil handling
• Ease of transportation with forklift
• NPU iron and Erdemir St 37 1. High quality plate
• Filler opening, drain plugs, level indicators and anchor holes
• Mounted on chassis with vibration prevention system

• Modular structure
• Erdemir St3237 1. High quality plate
• Corrosion resistant stainless fittings materials
• Designed to avoid the intake of rain drops through air suction grills where they come with a 60 degrees slope
• Built-in cabin locks and emergency stop button providing no overhanging parts
• Cabin covers can be opened 180 degrees
• Allowing paint job with Electrostatic powder paint over the body coat after the surface is cleaned.
• Ideal sound volume
• Nonflammable foam isolation material

• Mounted on the generator; user-friendly, robust and reliable design
• Made of steel plate, isolated against vibration
• Control unit with microprocessor
• Standard warning, indicator, time, button and switches
• Design compatible with automatic and manual usage

Other Equipments
Muffle and pipe fittings, battery and battery case, oil drain pump, technical documents and optional additional equipment

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