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Din Cup Viscosity Cups

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It is commonly used for mixing the liquids with low viscosity in a rapid and effective manner in the laboratory environment. It is preferred for the products such as paint, polisher and ink.

The main body is sensitively made of rigid aluminum material in CNC processing centre in compliance with DIN 53211 standards. Derrick orifice made of stainless-steel is placed over the outlet hole of Din Cup with ±0,02 sensitivity. Din Cup whose internal and external surfaces are totally polished minimizes time loss in regard to the cleaning process. The viscosity of any liquid to be measured is expressed as running time from specified bore diameter from Din Cup which has a volume amounting 100 ml. The running time is measured with chronometer.

Din Cup is filled with the fluid whose measurement will be made. The bore under Din Cup is covered with a finger. Having completely filled, the chronometer is initialized when the finger is removed. When it is looked over to Din Cup, the chronometer is maintained until the bore is seen. As the bore is seen, the period is kept under the record by stopping the chronometer. It is crucial to hold Din Cup straight.

Tripod carrier on which Din Cup will be placed is optionally provided with a handle which can be used with submerging technique like coffee pot’s handle.

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