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DirecTwist ® 2B6'' Textile Machinery - Cone-to-cone multi-function twisting machine

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The fastest machine of DirecTwist series and it has incomparable twisting capacity for stable fiber yarns. It can twist or cover any stable fiber yarns mostly in one operation.

Twisting speed 750 to 18.000 twist /minute, independent each spindle
Twisting range 3 to 2.000 twist / meter, independent each spindle
Take-up speed Up to 200 meters / minute, independent each spindle
Total twisted yarn thickness 100 Nm to 1.8 Nm (~90 Denier to ~5.000 Denier)
Take-up cone size 170 mm length 4.20° conical cone or cylindrical cone
Maximum take up cone diameter 220 mm

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