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Double Girder Overhead Travelling Crane

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Load capacity of our standard double girder travelling bridge cranes is between 1 ton and 63 tons. In case of carrying more loads is necessary, we provide system solutions with open type lifting groups. These cranes may be preferred at areas having long bridge shaft distance. There are various lifting groups available in our product portfolio according to loading capacity and FEM standards. We provide most suitable solutions by specially designing our cranes in case the distance between gusset and roof truss is insufficient in a way to allow maximum loading height. We use certified materials and equipment in our girder, lifting and moving groups.

Field of use for travelling bridge cranes are comprised of industrial manufacturing factories, workshops, hydroelectricity plants, dams etc. sectors.

BVS Bülbüloğlu Vinç Sanayi provides competition advantage with the size of its indoor area, human resources, financial structure, project designing and production processes as well as it creates difference in terms of date of delivery by manufacturing numerous cranes simultaneously without any problem.

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