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Edge Protection System - Working At Height

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• Designed to cover all edge protection risks that may arise at the beginning of construction work.

• Shipped in a box that is specially designed for ergonomic transportation and loading of the main frame and its components.

• The posts are easily mounted with a single screw. In this way, the installation time is shortened and the same connectionelement is used again and again so gained cost advantage.

• The posts elements have two connection points at the top and bottom.

• The posts elements can be combined with the traditional binarization method, if desired, combined with the end-to-endinsertion method. Since there will be no loss of quantity in total, the amount of product used decreases and so the costs.

• It is enough to use one post in corner turns. Like the classic systems, there is no need to continue with a new postafterwards. No need pay extra for an additional post.

• The Body elements are yellow color electrostatic powder painted.

• There are various types of warning plates on the surface facing toward skirting part of the building. If desired, thecompany logo can be added to this section.

• Mesh size is 5 cm x 20 cm thus preventing feet entering cells.

• Diameter of the wire is 6 mm.


Height : 110 cm

Length: 200 cm

Weight: 12,00 kg

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