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Elastic Shock Absorbing Lanyards

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Offers complete freedom of movement while reducingtrip fall hazards by stretching in reaction to the worker’smovements.

• Twin-leg model allows user to keep one leg attached tothe anchorage while the other leg is always ready to behooked to the next anchorage.

• Made of abrasion resistant polyester tubular webbing.

• Stitched in professional CNC machines by bonded typeUV and dust resistant high tenacity yarn.

• Rebar hook for use with anchor points requiring largegate opening.Models

• EL-3 Shock absorbing lanyard only.

• EL-3 K-65/K-6A

Bottom : K-6A type carabiner.

Top : K-65 type carabiner.

• EL-3 K-6A/K-6A Both end with K-6A type carabiner.

Length : 1, 2 & 2 meter

Standard: EN 355, EN 362, EN 12275

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