Electrostatic Precipator Rectifier Transformer

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An electrostatic precipitator is a large, industrial emission-control unit. It is designed to trap and remove dust particles from the exhaust gas stream of an industrial process. Precipitators are used in these industries:


In many industrial plants, particulate matter created in the industrial process is carried as dust in the hot exhaust gases. These dust-laden gases pass through an electrostatic precipitator that collects most of the dust. Cleaned gas then passes out of the precipitator and through a stack to the atmosphere. Precipitators typically collect 99.9% or more of the dust from the gas stream.

Precipitators function by electrostatically charging the dust particles in the gas stream. The charged particles are then attracted to and deposited on plates or other collection devices. When enough dust has accumulated, the collectors are shaken to dislodge the dust, causing it to fall with the force of gravity to hoppers below. The dust is then removed by a conveyor system for disposal or recycling.

Depending upon dust characteristics and the gas volume to be treated, there are many different sizes, types and designs of electrostatic precipitators. Very large power plants may actually have multiple precipitators for each unit.

STS, Transformer Rectifier Sets for Electrostatic Precipitators(ESPs) are industrial workhorses suitable for installation in Power Cement, Chemical, Paper and Steel Industries. Our state of the digital controller delivers high performance through continuous optimization of the transformer set operating parameters.
STS ensures high product quaility and STS makes all Quality Control Processes of the Materials and Assemblies build transformer set.

The finished product undergoes 100% factory acceptance tests prior to dispatch.

STS is able to manufacture transformer rectifier sets for electro static precipitators;up to 300kVA, 140 kV voltage, full-wave rectifier transformers.
Transformer rectifier sets have current limiting reactor input side and the current limiting resistor is used for output.
Transformer rectifier sets are generally oil immersed type and STS could produce hermetically sealed transformers.

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