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F50 Condensat Cover Facade Systems

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When viewed from the outside, glasses are seen as if they were in a frame. The difference of it from silicone facade is the appearance of aluminum profiles coming on these glasses like a cover.
When flap in the facade is wanted to be opened, hidden flap implementation is carried out with special design profiles in the way that they will not perceived from outside. This facade system gives your building a different color with flat, round and almond shaped cover options. It discharges the condensation and rain water to be formed thanks to condensing canals of transporter system.
Our system having mulyon and transom profiles, whose wall thickness of transporter system is 2 mm and 1.7 mm, is produced from 35 mm to 195 mm with wide product variety. Optimum static values can be provided. All connection profiles and all other profiles are used jointly, provide a great stock advantage for the implementer.

It is formed with the logic of classic covered facade system but by using only one of the horizontal and vertical covers on the facade of the building. In the wall pointing, in which cover application is not requested, fin or silicone is applied according to the request. It brings a new appearance to your b uilding with flat-round-almond shaped cover options your building.

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