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Fall Arrest And Work Positioning Harnesses (Suspension)

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Designed for fall arrest, rope access, restraint, work positioning, climbing, controlled descent and rescue purposes.
• Has 5 attachment points;
1 x Dorsal and 1 Sternal D - Ring for Fall Arrest
1 x Ventral D - Ring at waist level for Rope Access work
2 x Lateral D - Rings for Work Positioning
• Includes fall indicators on the sternal and dorsal attachment points. If a fall indicator is visible after a fall, the harness must be retired.
• Suspension leg straps allows for increased comfort.
• Maximum comfort by breathing, antibacterial and ergonomic waist, leg and shoulder pad.
• Easy use aluminum automatic buckles for fast connection and release.
• Easy use and ergonomic steel buckles on waist and shoulder.
• UV resistant high strength bonded type sewing yarns and contrastive color sewing in CNC machineries for quick eye control.
• 4 gear loops on waist belt.
• The protective case protects the information tag visually and enables users to log annual inspections.

Size : S/M, L/XL, XXL
Standard: EN 361, EN 358, EN 813, EN 12277

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