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Feeder Pillar Distribution Panel

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GFP series 32-63A Feeder Pillar Panel Systems can be used for decorative and functional purposes with its ergonomic structure.
GDB series 32-800A Distribution Panel Systems can be used for providing power in various facilities such as factories, hospitals, buildings and sky-scrapers.
GSP series 800-5000A Panel Systems can be used in power distribution with its modular structure and short-time withstand capacity up to 150kA.
All the insulating materials are made of halogen-free, non-flammable and fire-retardant (V0) materials.
Gersan Distribution Panel Systems are produced in compliance with the international standards indicated below:
IEC/TS EN 60439-1
IEC/TS EN 60439-3
IEC 61439-2
IEC 61439-3
IEC/TS EN 60529

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