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Gearless Geared Motor

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High performance
Unbeatable Efficiency
High Dynamics
No Water Cooling
SQM is a synchronous torque motor with 44 up to 110 pole number.

Geared motor
SQM works on a patented motor principle. We call it LiProKa - EMF Motor Principle.
(Patent Nr. EP0910154)
In the patented motor principle, the geometry of stator and magnets build a magnetic gear system. The windings pole number does not have main influence to the magnetic pole number.

Fields of Application

Silent running
High constant torque
Low current, low speed windings
Low cogging torque and torque ripple
Extremely high efficienct, betten than IE4!
Standstill torque at nominal speed
100 % overload capacity
100 % accuracy in Slave Mode following the Master Drive throughout the duty cycle
High dynamics and excellent controllability due to up 116 rotor poles
Protection IP54 (TENV), cooling IC410, no additional cooling necessary
Flange and/or foot-mounted
Gearless direct mounting with thrust bearing for extruders
Low or zero maintenance
Injection moulding machines
Master-Slave applications
Dynamic positioning
High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) blowers
Conveyors, especially with continuous start stop applications
Lifts and elevators
Servo Press technology
Coggimng punches
Flying saw
Rotary tables
Cut to lenght applications in production lines (paper, plastic, metal etc.)
Winding and unwinding applications for folios, paper, sheet metals, cable etc.
Low speed, high torque mixers for viscous liquids
And everywhere you would like to use a servo motor as adirect drive

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