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Ger-Led Street Lighting Systems With Camera - Led Bus System

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The word of Led is used as the abbrevation of Light Emitting Dode. It may be translated to our language as "Işık Yayan Diot".
It s one of the light resources wihch are found as the latest. The fact that it uses a different method than lamps or fluorescents to emit lights and some favorable sides of it have made it a signficant issue in today's illumnation sector and for this reason Europe and Russia use only led."
Ledbus illumnation system consists of the integration of G-Bus Industrial automation system and led illumnation systems. Ledbus system has a compact structure where no connection is seen from outside, and wihch can be realized without using any output plug or lead wire.
With internal connecton it can be used with Busbar and it can also be used with normal connecton. Ledbus and G-Bus Automation are the system.

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