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Greenline Fabric - Organic, BCI, Tencel, Recycle

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Organic Cotton: GOTS and ORGANIC EXCHANGE certified organic products.
Recycled: Fabric groups including cotton, polyester or blends of these obtained by recycling of waste fabrics, fibres, plastics, etc.

Better Cotton (BCI) option is available for all cotton content qualities.

Tencel from Lenzing: Thanks to its natural structure this fabric is known as skin-friendly by its better moisture proofing ability and anti-bacterial properties. We offer a large collection for sports fashion using Tencel fabrics in Greenline group in many different weave structure and in conjunction with various threads.

CPB: pad batch group: officially accepted by M&S as a “plan A” production method, this standard fabric group provides a more elegant look in comparison to conventional methods with 70% less dye, chemical and water consumption.

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