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High Viscosity Product Filling and Weighing

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It is used to fill the products such as paste, grease oil, printing ink etc. which are not featured as liquid especially in chemical industry effectively and sensitively into the boxes.

The machine can make the filling process ranging from 1 kg to 30 kg. It actualises 4 and 6 units box filling and weighing per minute, i.e; for boxes amounting 25 kg, according to the viscosity of product.

The machine makes effective filling by feeding the filling nozzles thanks to its helical and eccentric pomp. The machine has two filling units. There are two separate load cell and indicators in the machine which enable the filling on both sides. The amount input for filling and weighing are electronically processed by loading cell and indicator. Thanks to its special indicator system, it performs very sensitive filling by making automatic calibration in each filling process.

The filling nozzles and surfaces contacting to the filled product of the machine are made of stainless-steel substance. The lines of filling nozzles are composed of stainless pipes and flex pipes. There are pneumatic valves which can be automatically opened and closed on the pipe lines.6 bar pressed air are needed to run the machine.

The manufacturing of ex-proof is presented as optional feature at the standard of ATEX Zone 1 EEx dIIB T4.

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