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Horizontal Mixer Machine

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It is generally used for mixing the substances which are applied to keep clean and smooth the surface in which it will be applied prior to high viscosity satin plaster and paste and whose liquidity is low. Various mastics, watertight elastic goods, polyurethane goods, pastes can be added in the industrial goods which are used.

The horizontal mixer machines, which are easily installed in spite of its large sizes and high power transmission thanks to its implementation features, are useful for the manufacturing process. The bars which are placed on horizontal bearings located in mixture vessel of horizontal mixer machines with specified intervals and spring-shaped palettes at the end of these bars contain the polyethylene stripper plates resistant to the chemical substances. Very homogenous products are mixed within the vessel thanks to the high-powered bars. With the help of the stripper plates; inside of the vessel is stripped and the cleaning process for the manufacturing has been minimized.

All of the surfaces (mixture vessel, mixture bearings and bars are included) contacting to the product are made of stainless-steel material which is qualified as AISI 304. It bears a platform for loading raw material. The mixture speed is manufactures in an adjustable manner with speed- control convertor. Castellated cover system over the mixture vessel is electro-hydraulically opened and closed.

Ex-proof, vacuumed, semi or full automatic napkin control system which is at the standard of ATEX Zone 1 EEx dIIB T4 is optionally provided with the adjustable features of PLS control system, mechanic packing as tightness system in bearings and special design for bearing’s structure.

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