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Impact Crusher (Smk)

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A crushing and screening machines manufacturer, SMK series impact crushers are used as primary or secondary crusher for crushing rock or stream pebbles. These types of crushers of UĞURMAK® are specially designed to crush hard materials such as stream pebbles. Material fed to the crusher is crashed to the fixed and adjustable crushing bars on the body by rotor pallets. The material cannot leave the machine until it is reduced to the size adjusted by the crusher. The largest product dimension to leave the machine can be specified by adjustable crushing bars.
SMK series impact crushers operate with coupled electric motor and belt-pulley.
Secondary Conventional Type Impact Crushers are secondary type crushers that easily reduce the material crushed generally by jaw crusher to asphalt or concrete aggregate and provide material output of 0-25 mm dimensions. Crushing operation of these crushers is repeated many times by crashing the impact pallets on the rotor to the rock and throwing them to the crusher bars that create the crusher ceiling.
Robust and cubical product is obtained since the material is crushed from a weak point. Those are the secondary crushers that are the most suitable ones for quarry materials with medium hardness and abrasiveness such as limestone thanks to their high capacity and reduction rates, cubical aggregate productions and low first investment costs.

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