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Jaw Crusher

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Mechanical tools of various shapes, structures and dimensions are used for crushing activities. The tool used is called CRUSHER or BREAKER. The power that is created mechanically is converted to a pressure, impact or cutting force according to the structure of the crusher; the parts exposed to these forces are broken into smaller pieces. Dimensions of the part to be crushed indirectly affect the dimensions of the crusher. When choosing crushers, it is essential to specify the biggest piece to go into the crusher. Each crusher has an opening part for input, crushing zone and output part. Crusher opening dimensions must have a lower value based on the dimensions of the fragments to enter. Crusher output dimensions will affect the crushed material size. On the other hand, a certain amount of material shall bass through the crusher tool within a specific time. Therefore, specifying which crushers would be suitable within various tools and various dimensions shall be according to the dimensions of the biggest material to enter this crusher, required decreasing rate and crushing capacity as well as the properties of the material to be crusher. Crushers are classified according to their structural properties or the type of movement that causes crushing. Jaw Crushers general information. As understood from the name, crushing takes place between the parts called jaws of the crushing device.

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