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Kayalar Group - KAS

Kayalar Group - KAS

İstanbul Turkey
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Kayalar group was established in 1970 to produce semi manufactured material for armature. Afterwards the Kayalar Pres Ltd. Şti. company was founded to continue its activity by manufacturing semi products and fittings made of brass. The KAS brand name was registrated in 1994, hence our radiator valves and brass rakor products were presented to the domestic market as our own brand. In 1999 our group companies moved to their new production plant in the area of Istanbul’s Sancaktepe. Today the indoor space for our production is 12000 sq meters which our company the opportunity to increase our capacity and our product range. In 2000 Kaspa Foreign Trade S.A began its activity within the kayalar group to separate the marketing and sales activities. Due to the expansion strategy of the Kayalar Group, the Kayalar Armatür A.Ş. was founded in 2000 for manufacturing corrugated stainless steel hoses. As our last memeber of the group Kas Sismik Elektrik-Elektronik A.Ş was established in 2007 to produce electronic devices. At the fortieth year of the Kayalar Group production life, the Kayalar Group makes continues improvement and develop to perpetuate their competition advantage with having four company, three seperate manufacturing plant with totally 15000m2 inside space, a R & D department with a very well Know How and a highly experienced production and marketing team.
At the beginning of 2010 The Kayalar Group as a leader of new innovations in its own area serves to its customers with 300 product group and more than 600 products variety.

Many technical products provided by The Kayalar group to the market are used in many different industrial areas and in the construction sector like natural gas, drinking water and fire systems. The Kayalar group is convinced that quality is the most basic benefit of the customer.As a result of TSE, TS EN, TSEK, GHOST, SEPRO and ISO 9001 quality certificates our company secures the quality of the products, the quality of the management and the quality of the production . Total quality management, strategic management and change management are actively employed to improve suitable products and services to the market conditions. By pursuing the newest technologies the Kayalar Group has made significant investments in order to make production with highest technology. As a result of this KAS has been most quality and reliable brand in the sector. KAS’s R&D department’s innovative approach has brought quality, reliable, ergonomic and simple application to the products. The Kayalar group that makes continues improvement with all stuff solves every problems with scientific methods, creates production environment with team work, follows development and quality.

The Kayalar Group which has been the most admired company in the sector by improving different techniques for marketing and customer service. Therefore, our group focused all its activities to improve the customer relation by implementing CRM techniques. The marketing department of the company has an expert team regarding communication, customer expectations, sales and after sales services. The aim of this team is to provide the fastest and most accurate service for the customer. As an result of these efforts and knowledge our company has an big influence on growing of this sector. The Kayalar group is different in the sector with its social activities. Especially, educational institutions are supported by the Kayalar group which gives scholarship to many students that takes education in the metal industry. Because of the experience in the domestic market especially with our understanding of quality and customer support, The Kayalar group has also successfully export their products to many countriesand was able to represent the name of our country ver successfully.

Because of our strategic targets to improve the quality of our products and services with the support of our customers we will continue to increase our economical power in Turkey. Our vision is by increasing our national economic power to be known our brand as an international brand.