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Laboratory Basket Mill Wet Grinding and Dispersion

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It is commonly used for processing the manufactures with low and moderate viscosity when wet grinding and dispersion processes are required. It is generally preferred in the fields in which wet grinding at the laboratory stage such as paints, pigment paste, print, and printing ink are required and dispersion is not adequate by itself. It is an effective machine type in which solid particles are smashed and minimized within the liquid.

The grinding basket is designed in a manner allowing the pass of product’s circulation through the basket. The product is enabled to pass the product into the grinding mill, thanks to the basket with its special fan structure below. The cleaning of grinding basket and grinding beats which is another important issue is performed by running the product in the solvent material.

It’s up and down movements is easily performed thanks to its counter-weight system. It has a grapple system which enables fixing the product. Against to the heating condition of grinding basket, double-walled manufacturing is possible for cooling. A heat sensor showing the heat of product is presented as standard. Adjusted mixture can be prepared with speed control frequency convertor within 0-3.000 speed/minute as mixture speed. It also has a covering system which covers the bottom of the vessel.

Ex-proof, vacuumed PLS control system which is at the standard of ATEX Zone 1 EEx dIIB T4 is optionally provided as pneumatics, up-down movement system.

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