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Laboratory Zet Mixer Machine

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Used for pilot production and products development stages of products having high viscosity prior to their entry to main production. By means of the Laboratory Mixer Machine, some errors may be minimized at the pilot production stage and probable high production cost errors are avoided.

The machine has three separate mixing volumes and it offers the most suitable option for laboratory production. Easy mounting and assembly, machine cleaning and practicality are its important features. Its design created for utmost efficiency of use by the operator emphasizes its convenience and ease of use.

The external lateral walls of the Zet Mixer Machine of 600 ml. having the smallest mixture volume can be practically dismounted and the products inside the boiler can be taken outside manually. The other 3 and 5 liter models have also product discharge, extruder and boiler revolving features based on the options requested. By means of the mixing palettes which can be operated in both ways, the discharge operation can be performed quicker.

ATEX Zone 1 EEx dIIB T4 standard, ex-proof, vacuum, PLS control system, dual internal wall boiler (with cooling and heating purposes),palettes being stainless steel, and the revolution rates of the endless screw being adjustable are provided as the optional features.

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