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Liquid Filtering Unit

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Widely used for the filtering and screening of the products with fluidness yet not having high viscosity (such as pain, ink) from the foreign agents and other unwanted particles in them.

All surfaces of the filter unit which contact with the product are manufactured from stainless steel including the filter sieve wire. By means of the design arranged of pumping a product to be filtered to be fed to the filter by means of the relevant pump, the capacity of the filter operates in proportion with the flow rate of the pump. It has positive features such as easy cleaning and transfers between colors immediately.

Entry of the productions to the filter is made from the upper entry. By means of the pontoon inside the Filter, the products which enter the filter are forced to pass through the sieve. The product which passes through the sieve flows towards the filter base and flows below from the exterior of the external section over the outlet mouth below. The Filter stands on the feet on the external edge. The sieve wire pores have measurements of 25 mesh.

The optional properties are use of the sieve wire pores based on the requests made and the Filter unit being pump coupled.

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