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Low Viscosity Product Filling and Weighing

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It semi-automatically enables filling all kinds of low and high viscosity products which are liquid form in cosmetics and food industry, as well as its usage for filling and weighing of color in chemical industry.

The filling and weighing processes are made within intervals ranging from 6 units to 30 units (depending on the volume of product reservoir in which filling will be made and viscosity of the product) per minute for any interval ranging from 250 gr to 30 kg.

The machine constantly keeps the mixture vessel by automatically speeding until the product in manufacturing vessel is prepared with the level scanning system within its filling vessel thanks to the pomp placed in the machine. The amount input for filling and weighing are electronically processed by loading cell and indicator. Thanks to its special indicator system, it performs very sensitive filling by making automatic calibration in each filling process.

The machine vessel is made of stainless-steel substance which contacts with filling nozzle and filled liquid. Two nozzles with different angles are provided to be used in small-sized and large-sized filling processes with the machine. The machine can be easily cleaned with a solvent cloth. It can be moved in any place thanks to its wheels. The height of weighing pan in which empty reservoir will be placed is designed in an adjustable manner. 6 bar pressed air are needed to run the machine.

The manufacturing of ex-proof is presented as optional feature at the standard of ATEX Zone 1 EEx dIIB T4.

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