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Medelift Elevator Inverter

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User friendly Turkish and English optional interfoce support
4*20 LCD panel
Parametric and adjustable travelling rump
Parametric delay ramp function
Variable timed brake and motor contoctor monitoring function
Real vector controlled open and closed loop function with synchronous and asynchronous motor performance
High energy saving by means of high efficiency
To be able to be carried by panels in hard mechanics by means of flexible and veriable comfort parameters
Emergency evacuation function by UPS
14 pieces of adjustable digital input
Motor speed control by 0-10vdc and 4-20mA input
Cabin weight controlled travelling function by 0-10vdc and 4-20 mA input
Precise movement prntout against unwanted vehicle movements
Optional encoder output by ENDAT, BISS, Line driver and push-pull encoder option
Profis, canopen and Modbus communication profile support
Perfect motor control function by standing and movable motor identification

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