Mersin 5 MWth Solar Tower Plant

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The project consists of 510 heliostats through which produces 5 MWth of solar thermal energy

Working Temperature =550 oC

Working Pressure = 55 bars

Our 5 MWth Solar Power Tower plant in Mersin, Turkey is now fully operational after 7 years of research and development.

Boiler type used is Natural Circulation Direct Steam Generation

The system is designed with a closed circuit.

Complete field design is modular, like LEGO blocks. Assembly and erection on site can be achieved with minimal manpower. Heliostats are lightweight, strong, durable and have integrated data transfer system via wireless communication embedded in the PCB motion control board. Receiver is also modular with the tower and can be shipped and assembled easily on site.

This project proved to be very cost efficient at a very competitive level with further savings projected in fabrication.

Greenway heliostats are specially designed mirrors. They have a high reflection rate and can track the sun in dual axis, supported by composite arms in order to have a unique, lightweight and easy to assemble product.

Greenway Receiver has 4 evaporators and one super-heater. Receiver angle is 135 degrees.

Greenway’s own designed GREENBOX is the key differentiator and the most innovative aspect of the system. GREENBOX device is a motion control box tracking sun’s position using an astronomical algorithm and optimizing heliostat position. All communication is carried through Greenway Secure Wireless System. The GREENBOX wireless communication port is embedded inside of the PCB, which also engages in calibration process and other data transfer activities.

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