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Microwave Modules

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ASELSAN designs and manufactures technologically critical microwave modules and components in dedicated special areas. The design and production activities consist of high performance transmitter and transmitter/receiver modules, front-end modules, frequency converters, power amplifier modules, digital frequency discriminators (DFD), logarithmic video amplifiers (DLVA), filters, monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC), thin-film based components for the mission critical radar, electronic warfare (EW), intelligence, and satellite systems. Microwave module production capability is extended and reinforced with thin film and microwave multilayer packaging technologies.

The microwave module/component design and manufacturing activities are held in more than 2000 m2 clean room facilities which makes ASELSAN one of the few centers in the world.
T/R Modules

ASELSAN develops and continually optimizes transmit (T) modules for EW applications and transmit/receive (T/R) modules for radar applications according to the cutting edge specifications of radar and electronic warfare systems abiding the military standards. T-modules are used to transmit RF/microwave signals at a certain power level, while R-modules are used to deliver RF/microwave signals received from an outer source to the subunits of the system after pre amplifying/filtering stages.

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