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Mobile De-Icing

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The steel constructed chassis is mounted on a commercial truck.


The frame of the van body is constructed from steel box hollow profiles and covered with hot-dip galvanized steel sheet. The equipments inside the van body are ease accessible via locked doors.


There is an access platform on the top of the van body to be used in de/anti-icing operations which has a horizontal outreach. This platform is hydraulically powered and controlled by an electrical system. The cage of the platform is equipped with nozzles for de/anti-icing and working projector for night operations.


The access platform and de/anti-icing system is powered by hydraulic system. The hydraulic pump, driven by truck engine via PTO, provides enough oil pressure and flow to the system. Hydraulic oil is controlled by valve block which is energized by electrically. Safety relief valves are used to protect the system.


12-24 V DC electrical system is used to control all systems. There are two electrical control panels; main panel, mounted on the van body and control panel on the cage of the platform. The power supply of the electrical system is the battery, charged by truck engine.


The de/anti-icing system is powered by two special pumps separately driven by hydraulic system. There are five selectable mixture levels for all kinds of applications. De/anti-icing fluids are stored in stainless steel tanks and heated by a diesel blower to increase the effect of the applications.


Different capacities of tank and pumps, different brand of truck and generator, different working height of access platform, remote communication system.