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Mobile Passenger Stair

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The chassis is produced by steel profiles mounted on a commercial truck according to the customer’s demand. The all stairs are stable against wind forces up to 75 km/h.


Stairways are provided by telescopic steps. Sidewalls and steps are covered by aluminum and checkered aluminum respectively.


The platform is produced by steel profiles and its floor is covered by checkered aluminum. Side panels are retractable. The platform and side panels provide bumpers in order to prevent giving any damage to fuselage.


The hydraulic system is provided by an oil tank, a hydraulic pump driven by engine, cylinders used for lifting/telescoping, lock valves, hydraulic valves and some other useful accessories. Emergency hand pump is also used in case of engine failure.


The stair is provided by 4 hydraulic stabilizers with lock valves.


The chassis, stairway and platform are custom painted.