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Normal - Home Type Electrical Vehicle Charge Station

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The normal charge module has a single-phase 16A level charging current. It is able to charge an average of between 6-8 hours and varies depending on the capacity of the vehicle.

The unit contains all the standards and protections that a fast charging module contains. Unlike the others, it is able to use a single-phase ‘’Type 2’’ or a normal socket called ‘’Schuko’’. The charging process is carried out by plugging the single-phase plug, which comes from the vehicle itself, to the outlet. The section where the outlet is can be hidden with a cover so that another person is not able to interfere with the device. The cover which has a magnetic-locking mechanism is opened by the user having the card read, then the device waits for the vehicle to connect with the station.

After this process is completed, the cover is closed by the user and locked by the system. This way, any attempt to stop the charging process by another person is prevented. Whether the cover is open or closed is checked by a sensor mechanism. All the electrical and electro-magnetic functions being carried out at the station are done by an electronic control system that was developed at the Gersan Electric.

The units that are fast charging have cases that can be can be used in an outside environment and be installed on the floor/ground, and the units that charge at a normal speed charging have models that can be installed both on the floor/ground and the wall. They are suitable for outdoor use and have a steel body that is within the IP54 standards.

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