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Omega XL Artificial Grass

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The Re-Engineered and Re-Invented Turf System! Hatko Engineers and Ten Cate have spent hundreds of technical hours in developing this superior product according to the new requirements of FIFA and Lisport XL. In the end, they have successfully cloned all the benefits of our ex Omega Blades into our new developed system Omega Turf XL. In the best natural turf fields, the turf blades have a concave structure, but it is not durable for long playing hours. Hatko has reengineered the ex-Omega blades with a 470 micron thick core which will resist severe Lisport XL Conditions, creating our new patented turf blade profile OMEGA XL.

Duocolor Monofilament Fibers
18.000 dtex, 470 micron thickness
World Exclusive Yarn For HATKO by TENCATE
Excellent Coverage & Durability
Innovative resilient Design
XQ PE Polymers 6.000 cylcles of Lisport XL Performance
5.000 hours UVA & UVB Resistancy

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