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Operator Console

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Operator Consoles are ergonomic multi-function Human Interaction Equipment designed for the distributed architecture of Ship Combat Management Systems. They also provide environmental protection for the COTS equipment housed within, per the relevant military standards.

YALTES OPCON provides;

* multiple data entry, display and control devices,
* redundant data network and versatile video network interfaces,
* extensive console monitoring and control functions,
* powerful computing facilities for CMS applications,
* ease of access, maintenance and repair,
* stable and rugged mechanical structure.
Design philosophy focuses on providing flexibility in equipment choice and special arrangement as well as changes in functionality without sacrificing ergonomic considerations or adherence to military standards.

YALTES can tailor the basic form OPCON to suit CFE/GFE constraints, space limitations or additional capabilities.

Relevant MIL -SPECS:

* MIL - STD - 810F (Environmental conditions)
- Temprature
- Humidity
- Shock
* MIL - STD - 1472 (ergonomic)
* MIL - STD - 461E (EMI/EMC)
* MIL - STD - 167 - 1 (Vibration)
* MIL - STD - 1474D (Noise)
* MIL - STD - 108E (Rain, drip proof)

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