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PPV Personal Protection Ballistic Covert Vests

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CES Advanced Armour has years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality body armour systems tailor made to meet and exceed multifarious needs of the operational units. PPV Ballistic Vest portfolio is built on latest high-performance materials and engineered to provide the optimum balance among protection, weight, functionality and comfort. CES Advanced Armor has strong relationships with the most demanding military, law enforcement units, and private security companies fulfilling the local and international ballistic standards.

PPV covert vests are designed to be worn below clothing and provide invisible protection thanks to its thin, flexible and comfortable form. Typically, soft ballistic packs of NIJ0101.06 Level II and IIIA are combined with heat and sweat management systems to guarantee excellent protection. The vests are highly customizable in size, shape and design as well as in protection to include stab, spike and blunt force trauma.

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