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Panel Type Cold Room

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* Standard panel-type and special designed cooler and freezer rooms are available. * Cold rooms are being manufactured between 1 kW- 10 kW of cooling capacities with hermetic compressors and air-cooled condensers as standard. * All equipment and components are World brands having CE and ISO certificates. * Customized solutions are provided on request. * As a standard option condensers are designed for +38/ +43°C with R404a gas but depending on the needs special designs for +50/ +55°C with R134a gas are also available. * Fan speed control can be utilised for energy saving purposes. * All condensers are manufactured with copper tubing and aluminium fins. * Cold room doors can be 80/100/120/150 mm in tickness as required with 40/42 kg/m3 of poliurethane density. * Door resistances are used at negative temperature room applications. * In case the door are being locked from outside, they still can be opened from inside. Stainless steel and PVC coated doors with peek window can be manufactured on request.

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