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Perl Mill Grinding and Extractor Machinery

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It is widely used in the areas which require constituents of various viscosity and components with different properties which may be pumped so as to crush them homogeneously (dyes, lacquers, printing inks, coating compounds etc.).

The interior of the boiler (which contains the grinding beads) is made entirely of stainless steel. The boiler has a double wall and is suitable for water-cooling. The flanged axle is manufactured out of a special kind of steel which has been hardened via heating. This makes the flanges very resistant to wear and tear. The flanges on the axle, thanks to the use of different geometric models and angled holes, have been designed to facilitate the high-yield crushing of the product inside. Optional boiler volumes are: 5 liters, 12.5 liters, 25 liters, 50 liters and 70 liters.

Inside the boiler, in the form of a grinder, glass grinder, zirconium grinder, ceramic based marble and steel marble can be used. Zirconium or ceramic marbles are the ones among them which are most preferred.

There are suction and return pumps the flow rate of which can be adjusted based on the type of machine. As the product leaves the boiler, it passed through the sieve, after it goes through the thin sieve near the machine, it can be pumped to any point via the return pump. The revolutions of the machine pump may allow the passage of the products at the rate determined by the speed control converter. Time based operating feature is available as standard.

ATX Zone, EEx dIIB T4 standard ex-proof, PLS control systems is provided as an optional feature.

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