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Plaster Mixer Machine

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Plaster mixer machines are used in homogenous and effective mixture of the products whose viscosity is denser than the painting which contains particles such as sand or aggregates used in external siding applications.

It is designed as fixed or rotating motion. Since the manufacturing is generally made in large tonnages, it is placed over the platform. The mixture process of plaster mixer machine which has low speed mixture system is made through the bars angularly placed on the bearings extending up to the side of vessel. Since the mixture is performed at low-speed, the particles such as sand and aggregate are homogenously mixed in the mixture.

The machine is designed as a fixed type which may serve for a single vessel as well as its type simultaneously serving for four vessels located its surrounding which may electro-hydraulic systematically move up and down on its body. Its timed mixing feature removed the dependency on the machine. The mixture speed is manufactured as 50 speed/ minute.

Ex-proof, vacuumed, semi or full automatic napkin control system which is at the standard of ATEX Zone 1 EEx dIIB T4 is optionally provided with the adjustable features of PLS control system and mixture speed.

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