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Platform Type Dissolver Mixer

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Widely used in the applications where homogeneous and dispersed mixture of liquid with dust or liquid with liquid materials in high capacities. These mixers which are suited with effective motor power according to a variety viscosity of products can be serving for paint, varnish and different Petro-chemical products.

Mixing rotation speed of the machines are generally preferred frequency converter controlled system. Heavy duty frequency converter system allows the machine supply more power than main motor power for a short while in order to overcome very high viscosity period of mixing operation. Mixing rotation speed is adjustable between 100-1500 Rpm at high speed mixers.

Machine has the ability of mixing any desired altitude by lifting and descending in an electro-hydraulic way over its body structure. Platform type mixers can lift up and turn 360º over its body and it can serve up to four mixing vessels which are located around. Self centering system fort he vessels makes the operation easier. Some of the machines have manual and some have actuated with motor self centering system for the vessels.

There is the main motor cooling system so that the dissolver can operate longer time in any low mixing rotation. Self centering system for the vessels is done by motor-gearbox automatically over the capacities including 3.000 liters. Time adjusted mixing operation is a standard feature on the machine.

ATEX Zone 1 EEx dIIB T4 standards explosion proof systems, vacuum application, top or bottom mounted scrapper system, semi or full automatic prescription control system, PLC control system, load-cell and indicator application and platform building are the optional specification of the platform type mixers.

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